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Did you get what you wanted?

January 3rd, 2017

cant-get-itLike many other people, I’ve spent the last few weeks processing the results of recent US election. Though I found the results very interesting, they were not surprising in the least. This is the current state of United States in 2016. The recent election is just a reflection of what we already are, not what we’re becoming. Now this isn’t to make light of any tragedy or injustice, but to bring to light the underlying darkness that takes residence within the hearts of the people. There technically is not one ruler, the people rule. When people live unrighteous, the rule is such. Like every other kingdom that has risen and fallen, things within this nation will ‘run its course’.

There are a lot of things you and I may not like about the incoming leadership, but there’s one thing that I believe is undeniable. He is the epitome of what everyone is striving to be. Just listen to some of the ‘good’ things that were said about him during the election:

These are things everyone in this culture kills themselves to try and become. He’s standing at the finish line of all these races we’re trying to win. Money, check! Fame, check! Young(er) model wife, check! Power, check!

Problem is some of us don’t like what we see at the end of this road. The rest of us don’t care, we’re like “full steam ahead!”

Another problem is with situations and circumstances. Because our view is limited, we don’t really see how bad they are until the come to full fruition. But by then it’s too late.

If the wars, financial crises, genocides, natural disasters, perversion, and general rebelliousness haven’t informed you we are in a time when no one rules. I don’t mean that there aren’t ‘leaders’. Leading and ruling are similar but not exactly the same. I can lead you off of a cliff, can’t I? Or lead you into personal ruin? All I need is someone following me in order to be a leader.

Ruling however is different concept. A ruler has multiple meanings. The first and most often used when dealing with the concept of leadership, is the type of ruler who exercises governmental sovereignty or dominion. But what’s another meaning of ruler? A standard of measurement. Exactly! A ruler is one who can set a standard, one whom others can be measured against. However the only way to truly do that is for the one ruling to be righteous. And because we refuse to be righteous we don’t really want a ruler who is. Because the moment they assume control, we will be measured against them. So we try and find other criteria to qualify their leadership. We’ll make statements like…”well we’re not electing a pastor” or “at least he’ll manage the finances well” or any other ridiculous statement to justify our own hypocrisy.

Guess what, when we do that, this is who we get!

In times when there is no ruler, everyone will do what they see as right in their own eyes. That’s a verse in the bible, it’s in judges chapter 21. Now whether or not you read or believe the bible, the statement is true. When there is not standard for things to be measured against people will do what they think is best. Here’s another, it states that the wicked don’t fear God, flatter themselves and do not see their own faults. That’s in Psalm 36. Again whether or not you want to get religious or not, you cannot dismiss the truth of the statement. One more, it states that people who are wise in their own eyes, there’s no hope for them. That’s in Proverbs 26. The prideful will not humble themselves enough to even see things from another perspective.

Don’t these 3 statements sum up much of modern popular culture? Of which many people themselves are slaves to. So I’d like for you to consider before dismissing this election as some purposeful move by certain portions of the culture to oppress another, think about this:

We live in a culture of ethnos vs ethnos. Living in the US has deceived many into believing the lie that when people who are lawless in their thinking feel threatened won’t retreat to their own ‘camp’. (Those who look like them, are from where they are, etc.)
His appeal goes across more barriers than we would care to admit. A recent article in the Huffington post noted the nearly 70 times his name was dropped by rappers in their songs. (In a positive way).They saw him as someone they could strive to become.

When there aren’t people who rule for the benefit of those under their authority, the people will suffer. This lack of oversight will make the people vulnerable. We are seeing the beginnings of this play out in the way the suspected Russian hacking is being perceived.

To sum all this up, I’d like to use a word from antiquity: Mammon. Now honestly I find it unfortunate when people misquote the saying “Money is the root of evil”. The statement actually is “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”. Big difference huh? Well I’ll take it a step further, I’m not sure people love money per se, as much as they LOVE the stuff you can do with money. The reason I wanted to pull out the word mammon is that one of its definitions is the confidence that comes from wealth (i.e. wealth personified) There’s a certain false swag that comes from wealth, as if it can change who we really are. Look at the display we just saw in the recent US election cycle, that should show us we do not want the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver; Nor he who loves abundance, with increase…This is vanity.” Ecclesiastes 5:10


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