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You are not what you do

April 14th, 2014

How do we describe ourselves?

“I’m a plumber” or “I’m a cashier” or “I work for the government”, etc, etc.

Did you know that those are all things that we do, they are not who we are? Who are we; people spend their entire lifetimes trying to figure this out. Now I’m not going to go on some mystical journey about your destiny, but what I am sure of is that you are not what you do. You may think, “Who is he to say that?”

Well let me point out 2 things about what you’re doing now:

  1. You won’t always be doing it:
    Example = A liar can at some point begin telling the truth
  2. Whenever you want to stop doing it you can change it:
    Example = A person who is always nice can do something mean

Both examples merely show things that people do. That’s how a lot of people get thrown off track. When they lose their job, or stop doing a certain activity or hobby, whatever it is – they are lost. They identified themselves with that job and/or activity. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in what you do, but that is not who you are. I have also found that this will get us out of fruitless arguments and controversies when we realize that people cannot separate themselves from the things that they do.

Ok so at this point you may be like… ”OK, so who am I?”

Well I don’t think I have the power (nor anyone else for that matter) to tell you who you are. But I can encourage you on how you can find out who you are. There’s a certain direction we all have to go. There is a part of all of us that is unseen, our true essence. Many times we mistake our bodies for the real us, our looks, our money, our possessions, our status, but none of that is the real us.

Anyway about that direction: you have to engage people. Now you may say what! To that I say you will never find out who you truly are apart from people. Whether helping, encouraging, leading, fixing, innovating, entertaining, etc you must be connected to people in order to see these things manifest.

You know another tell tale sign of the real you…others will bear witness to the real you. Throughout your life the real you has come to the surface time and time again. And whether you have noticed or not, believe me others have. We are all wired a certain way (pre-wired if you will). That wiring is the beginnings of us becoming who we really are. And it has been displayed by the things that we do.

With some soul searching we will find proper perspective and hopefully embrace who we really are.

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