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A Pure Experience…

February 26th, 2014

Ok so what I want to do is tell what I’ve been struggling with the last year or so… No dope hip hop.

Now you may say “hold on bruh, there has been some dope projects out in the last couple of years”. Don’t get me wrong, there have a lot of quality projects that have dropped recently. But I just wanted to highlight one that pretty much captured where I’m at right now. (Note I’m an MC in my mid-30s, married with kids). Most of the ‘adults’ who are hip hop are not jumping around all over the place. No offense to anyone who loves party music. There are times that I want to hear a party song, just not all the time…

So enter my sister Mahogany Jones (fellow Yuinon Representer!), and her new project “PURE”. Now this joint came out on the low. I didn’t really hear any pub about the project. Because I’ve been in a mode of searching for dope hip hop I came across her video for ‘skin deep’. Now I’m going to tell you this album isn’t for everyone, but it was definitely for me. I’m going to give you a few reasons why I dig it (remember where I am in life…lol):

  1. It’s doesn’t sound like current ‘poppy’ hip hop
    • A trap that many MCs fall into, is working too hard to sound current. Now you always want to sound relevant, but when you forsake the actual artistry just to sound like what’s the current trend you end up with something that’s ultimately worthless. Just look around and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  2. Mo can rhyme.
    • At the heart of hip hop is real emceeing. For those who don’t know Mo, she was a freestyle champ on 106 & park. She’s been on a ton of stuff (google her). Most cats who rap now are hiding behind dope production. A dope mc can take an average track and make it a hit. Go back and peep some of the dopest stuff that has been released in hip hop. The production wasn’t super dope, it was just enough boom bap and the mc did the rest.

  3. She addresses my demographic
    • Let me elaborate, on this project she addresses a lot of issues that are specific to people of color. With much of what is presented in Christendom being extremely Eurocentric, she steps out with something that is specific to encourage people of color. On a personal note, as a man who has a daughter, this album was especially was an encouragement to me.

  4. It shows variety
    • It shows how the message of God and His kingdom can be conveyed differently and how that can be a good thing.

  5. It’s grown up music
    • I must say I chuckled initially when I say the ‘advisory’ label on the cover. I’ve seen different artists do that in an attempt to get people’s attention. But as crazy as it sounds this too was a good thing. She addresses some very explicit topics on this joint (abuse, sexual purity, repentance, etc) but it was done very maturely.

Anyhow, I think “Pure” is a dope project and if you think my opinion means anything then you’ll get it.

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