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I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. - Matthew 10:16


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May 21st, 2017

“The eyes are the light to the [soul]” 

That’s an excerpt from the scripture Matthew 6:22. Though in its context its speaking about not allowing darkness and perversion to fill our eyes, it does something else entirely.

It shows the importance of what we see and how it impacts us!

More so than what we hear, taste, etc. What we see has the capability to profoundly impact the way we think, believe, and ultimately behave. If all we see is depravity all around us, the likelihood of us becoming engulfed in it is extremely high. Our sight can affect what we think, our thoughts (what we dwell upon) can begin to change our character/beliefs and those beliefs can affect our behavior.

Now in the last article I discussed the impact of the election (and subsequent presidency) of Barack Obama had a significant impact on the psyche of black people in the diaspora (google it ). Now that is merely a microcosm to the greater paradigm, because what we were forced to confront was to change the way we interpreted leadership and authority, and its relationship to a man of color. In similar fashion peoples preconceived notions of beauty were challenged the first time there was a black Ms. America, and so on and so forth.

Now how does this relate to the life of a believer? Well I believe it is of great significance, for starters I believe once we realize that a lot of what we hold dear to isn’t necessarily scriptural, but cultural ideology. Now you may be thinking to yourself right now…AJ THERE IS NO WAY I PLACE MY CULTURAL IDEOLOGIES ON THE SAME LEVEL AS BIBLICAL TRUTH!

I would beg to differ that though not done intentionally, we all very much do.


Made in an image…PT 1

February 6th, 2017


My wife washed my daughter’s hair the other day. Now why am I sharing this? Well after finishing the wash she was doing it in the living room and I was sitting there reading. Now it was a like a curly afro looking hairdo (sorry I’m not an expert in women’s hairstyles) After she was finished she got the mirror and the first thing my daughter said was “…wow I look like Annie”! So she was genuinely excited. As an aside I’m talking about the new Annie reboot in 2014 not the 1982 original. So her reference was Quvenzhane` Wallis, but to her it’s Annie. So for the purpose of this writing it’s Annie 🙂

Now let me explain why I found this so profound. I analyzed this in light of where things are nationally. It’s been a couple weeks since the end of Barack Obama’s presidency, and it’s given me a time to reflect. I’m not as naive as most who want to use revisionist history on his leadership like everything he did was great. Because it was far from that. He very strongly pushed a homosexual agenda as well as being too soft of police brutality against people of color. Now neither of those outway the good things that he spearheaded during his time either (healthcare, auto bailout, wall street reform/credit card act, etc). But this writing isn’t to talk dissect the things he did or did not do. This is to present for your consideration what he represented (similar to what Annie represented to my daughter)

According to Stanford University encyclopedia of philosophy external stimuli have the ability to affect a person’s self perception. There’s a reason when we go to a business establishment we usually (not always) but usually assume that the person in charge is white, and probably male. For most people who live in western civilization that is the majority of the external imagery that we are normally presented. In movies, television, and honestly in everyday life.


Did you get what you wanted?

January 3rd, 2017

cant-get-itLike many other people, I’ve spent the last few weeks processing the results of recent US election. Though I found the results very interesting, they were not surprising in the least. This is the current state of United States in 2016. The recent election is just a reflection of what we already are, not what we’re becoming. Now this isn’t to make light of any tragedy or injustice, but to bring to light the underlying darkness that takes residence within the hearts of the people. There technically is not one ruler, the people rule. When people live unrighteous, the rule is such. Like every other kingdom that has risen and fallen, things within this nation will ‘run its course’.

There are a lot of things you and I may not like about the incoming leadership, but there’s one thing that I believe is undeniable. He is the epitome of what everyone is striving to be. Just listen to some of the ‘good’ things that were said about him during the election:

These are things everyone in this culture kills themselves to try and become. He’s standing at the finish line of all these races we’re trying to win. Money, check! Fame, check! Young(er) model wife, check! Power, check!

Problem is some of us don’t like what we see at the end of this road. The rest of us don’t care, we’re like “full steam ahead!”

Another problem is with situations and circumstances. Because our view is limited, we don’t really see how bad they are until the come to full fruition. But by then it’s too late.

If the wars, financial crises, genocides, natural disasters, perversion, and general rebelliousness haven’t informed you we are in a time when no one rules. I don’t mean that there aren’t ‘leaders’. Leading and ruling are similar but not exactly the same. I can lead you off of a cliff, can’t I? Or lead you into personal ruin? All I need is someone following me in order to be a leader.

Ruling however is different concept. A ruler has multiple meanings. The first and most often used when dealing with the concept of leadership, is the type of ruler who exercises governmental sovereignty or dominion. But what’s another meaning of ruler? A standard of measurement. Exactly! A ruler is one who can set a standard, one whom others can be measured against. However the only way to truly do that is for the one ruling to be righteous. And because we refuse to be righteous we don’t really want a ruler who is. Because the moment they assume control, we will be measured against them. So we try and find other criteria to qualify their leadership. We’ll make statements like…”well we’re not electing a pastor” or “at least he’ll manage the finances well” or any other ridiculous statement to justify our own hypocrisy.

Guess what, when we do that, this is who we get!



February 17th, 2016

I released a new single entitled 1113.

What is 1113?

No it’s not some bible verse or some code for a ‘movement’. It’s just a special date that is private between my wife and I (and will stay that way).

But to address the song’s meaning in more general terms let me elaborate.

It’s an anthem for faithfulness in marriage. Fidelity. I met my wife in 1998, so I’ve known her nearly 20 years (I reference this in the song). I feel that many believers spend way too much time focusing on the false and telling others how false it is. Not that we shouldn’t be doing it, but we emphasize it a lot. I felt as a contrast to that we should also be putting a spot light on the things in which are true and authentic. Faithfulness in marriage, not just marriage alone, is one of those things I believe to authentically reflect eternal truth.

My father in the Lord has an example he uses to illustrate this point. It’s about how agents who deal with currency are taught how to spot counterfeit bills. And how during their training they are not given the counterfeit, but real bills. They are taught to become so familiar with real currency that when they come across counterfeit they can identify it immediately.

I believe the same is true in life. If we become so familiar with truth and the authentic that when we encounter fallacy it will be evident to us.

I hope you enjoy the track and pass it along to others

If you have Android, you can get the song on Google Play here
For all others you can get it here

with love,

God As The Light

December 24th, 2015

Dale Skinner aka Dj SOG, a faithful son in faith has started a blog. His first entry is about God as the Light. Please support this man of GOD and check out his blog below:

Click Here –> God As The Light

Also to get more info on Dj SOG and MDMD productions check out:


The House Speaks Full Interview

October 27th, 2015

Here is the full video of the House Speaks interview. I had the privilege interviewing these brothers awhile back. They discuss their motivation in creating their debut project “The House Speaks”. They discuss the project content as well as the topics that the deal with in the project. (more…)

The Season is here!

September 9th, 2015


The album is here. The Season is here.

1. Peoplez
2. Love’s Weight
3. The Message (Dying)
4. Brothers ft. Navigator
5. Pressed ft Sistah Dee & Russ Shanks
6. The Orphan
7. The Institution ft Playdough
8. There They Go
9. Isms (remix) ft Preme
10. The Season
11. They Say ft Sheflowz

Production: MuzeONE, Tee Wyla, 3Fifths, ANSANE, BTate, Playdough, Stro Elliot, Dirty Rice, KDrama

All songs mixed by The Chef of House Cat Audio except tracks 9 & 11

Google Play – Click Here
Bandcamp -> Click here

This Season…

September 6th, 2015

So I’ve worked on some stuff over the last 2 years. And then life happened…

Had another beautiful baby girl, then we had to move to get a larger crib to accommodate said baby girl. With all that being said, unfortunately my music fell a few notches down on importance scale. This album was originally intended to be MASSIVE in terms of its size. I had about 20 songs that were going to be on here. But between my life and not wanting things to get dated I decided to go seal it here and release this as (hopefully) the 1st of a 2-part project The Season 1 & 2. Anyway it’s going to come out on Labor Day. So get ready…

You can still hear the lead single here

House Speaks Promo Vid

May 29th, 2015

I had the chance to interview The House Speaks posse. Here’s the promo video. The whole interview is coming soon!


The House Speaks

April 7th, 2015

I’ve had the honor of personally discipling some and the pleasure of working with good friends and sons in the faith recently on the release of their first project entitled “The House Speak” It’s a compilation project with Rap, Spoken word…Even Djing! (more…)

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